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As the days grow longer, the promise of long, warm days grows ever closer. For boat owners, this can only mean one thing – another season full of fun and adventure!

Malta’s warm climate and beautiful scenery make it difficult to resist hitting the water as soon as the temperatures rise. But owning a boat does come with responsibilities, and obtaining boat insurance is one of them. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the main reasons why boat insurance is essential, and sharing the different types of boat insurance that are available. 

Firstly, boat insurance is a legal requirement. In Malta, the law states that any mechanically driven small ship having an engine exceeding 9.9 H.P. requires cover for third-party liability. This means that boat insurance will protect you financially both from accidental loss or damage to your boat and to third parties. The law also requires boat owners to always carry proof of insurance on board, as this will be the first thing that will be checked in the case of an accident or inspection taking place.

Secondly, accidents can happen to anybody, no matter their level of experience. Without insurance, you may find yourself liable for damages or injuries resulting from an accident that was your fault. In addition to this, unpredictable weather (yes, even in a Mediterranean summer!) can result in unexpected environmental forces leaving your boat more vulnerable at sea.

At MelitaUnipol, we offer insurance that protects boat owners against accidental loss and damage to your boat, its machinery, personal belongings and liability to others. We also offer personal accident insurance for yourself and passengers on board and will cover reasonable costs incurred such as salvage charges.

Our boat insurance policies cover all boats, with specific packages made for sailing boats and motor yachts. We also offer extensions to cover activities such as water skiing, racing, and chartering.

By obtaining insurance, you’re taking an important step to protect your investment and the safety of those around you. So, before you set sail this summer, make sure that you have the proper coverage in place to enjoy the water with confidence.

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