I consent on my behalf and on behalf of any other person specified in this form (others), that the Company or any other member of the Group may exchange some or all of the information with my insurance intermediary, appointed experts, other insurance companies or the Malta Insurance Association for the purpose of administering my insurance proposal and policy, handling and settling of claims, detecting, preventing and suppressing fraud and the keeping of statistics.  I also authorise (on my own behalf and on behalf of others) insurance companies and intermediaries to disclose information about or relevant to my insurance history for these purposes.

I understand (and have explained to Others) that when I tell the Company about an incident which may or may not give rise to a claim, the Company may pass information relating to it to the Malta Insurance Association and / or other insurance companies and intermediaries.  In doing so we will ensure that this communication is carried out confidentially and within the terms of the Professional Secrecy Act, 1994.