Do you own or form part of a business? If so, commercial insurance may be something worth looking into. Every business is unique, so your business insurance policy should be tailored to meet the demands of your industry. MelitaUnipol Insurance Brokers offer a vast range of products for both small and large corporate clients who require an attention to detail and utmost professional service including tailor made policies. We will help you choose the right cover you need, so you can get on with building your business.

– Industrial All Risks / Accidental Damage

The policy provides cover for specified perils including accidental loss, damage to the insured property including theft.

– Plate Glass

This policy provides cover for accidental damage to fixed glass such as shop facades.

– Marine Traders Liability

Commercial combined insurance for marinas, boatyards, boat builders, boat
maintenance service and repair, marine engineering, chandlers. Cover incorporates both liability and material damage.

– Personal Accident

This is a benefit policy which provides cover in the event of accidental death as well as permanent or temporary disablement. Policy may be extended to include medical expenses incurred following an accident.

Cyber Risks

Cyber risk insurance is designed to protect you and your business should your business experience any of the following;

  • a data breach
  • cyber attack or virus
  • infringement of intellectual property
  • breach of fines penalties or other regulatory proceedings
  • loss of income
  • cyber fraud
  • social engineering losses.
– Marine Cargo

This cover protects the insured merchandise against material damage whilst being transported from warehouse to warehouse. Cover may be purchased on a total loss basis and a number of extensions are available.

– Deterioration of Stock

Deterioration of stock insurance covers damage to goods stored in specified cold storage spaces, which occurs as a result of a change in temperature caused by a breakdown of the refrigeration equipment or accidental damage to it.

– Directors and Officers

D & O of a company are covered against their personal legal liability including defense costs and expenses as a result of a alleged wrongful act committed whilst acting in such capacity. The policy covers negligence, error and omission, breach of duty and liability arising out of mismanagement of a company which result in adverse financial consequences.

– Weddings Insurance

Should something go wrong on or before your big day, this policy could get your money back and even get help with the extra costs of rearranging your special day. If the wedding dress gets damaged before the big day, the marquee is flooded, or your caterer goes out of business, this policy would cover your expenses. The policy will also indemnify you in respect of  your legal liability arising from accidental injury to third parties or accidental loss of or damage to third party property damage in connection with the wedding.

– Professional Indemnity

The policy protects the insured professionals against legal liability to pay damages to third parties as a consequence of errors or omissions committed including legal costs and expenses. Several extensions in cover are available including libel and slander, loss of documents and dishonesty of employees.

– Pet Insurance

This policy provides cover for dogs and cats for veterinary care in case of illness or accident, theft or loss and expenses associated with the death of the animal. Reimbursement of costs include kennel fees, advertising the pets loss in media, reward money, legal expenses and liability cover.

– Public Liability

The public liability insurance covers your business against legal liability to pay compensation for death of or bodily injury to third parties or loss or damage to third party property arising out of the business activities of the insured.

– Tour Operators Liability

This is a combined liability policy designed for the needs of the travel trade. This covers you against claims such as slips, falls, food poisoning and personal injuries while your clients are in the care of your suppliers, such as accommodation providers and/or transportation services. Professional indemnity is included as standard in the tour operators insurance policies and covers you against misinterpretation and incorrect information in brochures and advertising material.

– Employers Liability

The cover indemnifies an employer for legal liability to pay compensation as a result of death or bodily injury suffered by an employee during his employment.

– Protection and Indemnity Insurance

This insurance commonly known as P&I Club provides cover to shipowners, operators, and charterers for third party liability encountered in the commercial operation of the vessel.

– Business Interruption

Business Interruption insurance is designed to cover lost income when you have to close your business temporarily as a consequence of a material loss.

– Motor Sports Liability

Covers legal liability for bodily injury and/or property damage arising out of motor sports events.

Fire & Special Perils including Theft

Indemnifies you following loss or damage to your property against a specified perils such as earthquake, lightning, storm, and explosion including theft from  your premises.

– Bespoke Sports Policies

Personal accident policies to compensation individuals as a result of an injury whilst participating in sports. Cover may also incorporate public liability cover.

– Electronic Equipment

This policy provides protection against physical loss or damage to electronic equipment. A number of extensions are available in the local market including reimbursement costs for reinstating lost data and other additional expenses.

– Contractors All Risks / Erection All Risks

These policies cover the insured, contractors/sub contractors for construction/demolition, excavation and related engineering works designed to cover all parties involved in the project against material damage, theft, and third party liabilities. You may opt to extend the policy to cover your plant and machinery.

– Aviation Third Party legal Liability Insurance

This liability policy aims to protect service providers against liability claims for damage caused to property or people arising from ground operation risks including, products liability and grounding liability.

– Money

This policy covers money in transit, whilst at your premises or in a bank. Money policies may also be extended to cover personal accident assault.

– Goods In Transit

Goods in transit policies covers loss or damage to goods/property whilst in transit within the company vehicles including loading and unloading .

– Tool of Trade

This a public liability policy covering third party property damage and bodily injury which is specifically catered for vehicles such as cranes, hi-ups whilst being used as a tool.

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