All health claims should follow these steps listed below to ensure your claim can be accepted, speed up processing and ensure your claim is managed efficiently.

Step 1. Submit the following documentation

  • Completed claim for which may be downloaded below.
  • Receipts and supporting documentation.


  • Claims for Specialist consultations and any diagnostic procedures must be on the initial recommendation of your General Practitioner, except for consultations/treatment given by gynaecologists, paediatricians or ophthalmologists.
  • You must always contact MUIA before receiving any in-patient or day-case treatment, CT/MRI/PET Scan, to enable us to confirm eligibility and extent of cover.
  • Claims together with receipts are to be submitted within 3 months of initial date of treatment.
  • In an emergency situation you may contact Mapfre Middlesea plc on 80072278.

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