Our recently launched Commercial Home (Landlord) Insurance policy protects your rental property investment, ideal for landlords who rent out their property for private purposes.

We offer cover for:

  • Accidental loss and/or or damage to landlord’s buildings.
  • Accidental loss and/or or damage to contents belonging to landlords and tenants alike.
  • Landlord to tenant and tenant to landlord liability.
  • Landlord/tenant liability against third parties.
  • Tenant rent default.
  • 24/7 Home Assistance and Emergency Services.

Depending on the chosen coverage, the following standard cover will come in force:

  • Temporary alternative accommodation or loss of rent following an insured loss.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown to air-conditioning and energy saving equipment.
  • Trace and access cover.
  • Fire extinguishing expenses.
  • Loss or damage to locks and keys.
  • Loss or damage to new fixtures and fittings in the process of being installed.
  • Legal expenses in relation to various specific disputes.
  • Loss of metered water and oil.
  • Damage by emergency services if it is necessary to use force enter or exit a property during an emergency.
  • Cover for garden furniture and equipment within the boundaries of the property.

The Product is manufactured by MMS and distributed by MelitaUnipol Insurance Agency Ltd


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