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Boat Insurance

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Your Trusted Insurance Agency in Malta

Why choose MelitaUnipol Insurance Agency?

MelitaUnipol is a leading insurance agency in Malta that was formed by the merger between Melita Insurance Agency Ltd and Unipol Insurance Agency Ltd. Our team of 25 experienced professionals in Insurance Malta specialises in offering advice and underwriting insurance cover for clients across all sectors of the Maltese economy. As primary insurance agents of MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c, we have the expertise to handle a wide-range of business and asset management risks. Our mission is to provide the best solutions possible for our clients, while upholding the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, trust, perseverance, and commitment. MelitaUnipol is licensed under the Insurance Distribution Act, Cap 487, and is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) under the Insurance Business Act, Cap 403. As your local source for professional services of insurance in Malta, we strive to make a difference and add value to our clients. Read more about MelitaUnipol 

Car Insurance Malta

MelitaUnipol Insurance Agency provides three coverage options for car insurance in Malta: Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Comprehensive. Our car insurance policies are also available throughout Europe, with some restrictions.

Car Insurance
Car Insurance
Electric Vehicle Insurance Malta

Electric Vehicle Insurance Malta

MelitaUnipol Insurance Agency offers three types of electric car insurance in Malta: Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive. All levels of coverage provide liability protection to others as well as varying degrees of protection against damage to the electric vehicle (EV).

Electric Vehicle Insurance

Boat Insurance Malta

Choose our wide-ranging boat insurance in Malta, including sailing boat insurance, motor yacht insurance and other boats insurance, to protect yourself against accidental loss or damage whether your boat is afloat, ashore, in commission or out of commission, being lifted, launched or in transit. The boat insurance policy can be extended to include cover for water skiing, racing and chartering.

Boat Insurance
Boat Insurance Malta

Travel Insurance Malta

Looking for travel insurance in Malta? MelitaUnipol’s travel insurance provides the highest level of protection for all your standard travel needs. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, our comprehensive coverage includes 24/7 worldwide travel assistance from our call center in Malta. With our travel insurance, you can go on your next adventure with peace of mind.

Travel Insurance

Home Insurance Malta

MelitaUnipol’s home insurance in Malta offers a comprehensive level of protection against accidental loss or damage to buildings, contents, personal belongings, and valuables. It also covers liability, emergency services, temporary accommodation, and coverage for gifts, locks, keys, refrigerators and legal expenses.

Home Insurance

Pet Insurance Malta

Insure your pet with MelitaUnipol’s pet insurance Malta for necessary coverage needed for dogs and cats. This pet insurance covers veterinary care in the event of illness or accident, as well as theft, loss and death expenses. Optional coverage includes medical expenses and coverage for travel outside of Malta.

Pet Insurance

Health Insurance Malta

Looking for health insurance in Malta? We offer three levels of cover: Basic Scheme, Hospital Scheme, and International Scheme. These Health insurance plans in Malta are also suitable if you are applying for a work or student permit, participating in any of the individual investor programmes, for which health insurance is required.

Health Insurance

Business Insurance Malta

Do you own or form part of a business? If so, business insurance may be something worth looking into. Property, stock, public and product liability, employers' liability, loss of income, money, personal accident, fidelity guarantee, and equipment breakdown are all covered under the our Business Insurance policy

Business Insurance

Commercial & Industrial Insurance Malta

MelitaUnipol Insurance Agency provides a diverse range of commercial and industrial insurance products tailored to different needs. These include insurance for accidental damage, plate glass, personal accident, deterioration of stock, directors and officers, public liability, employers liability, and more is available.

Commercial & Industrial Insurance

Construction Insurance Malta

MelitaUnipol Insurance Agency offers Constructors All Risks Insurance and Erection All Risks Insurance covering parties involved in construction projects against material damage, theft and third party liabilities. The construction insurance policy covers contractors, sub-contractors, and can be extended to cover plant and machinery with additional extensions available.

Construction Insurance

Cargo Insurance Malta

Protect your shipments from physical damage or theft, which may occur during air, sea or land transportation. Get cargo insurance today.

Cargo Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance Malta

Professional indemnity insurance protects professionals such as accountants, lawyers, architects, and medical practitioners against claims for loss or damage caused by negligent services or advice. The insured is covered by the professional indemnity insurance policy for claims made against them.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

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50+ Years of Insurance Expertise in Malta

With over 50 years of experience in insurance in Malta, MelitaUnipol Insurance Agency provide trusted and tailored insurance policies to meet your specific needs.

Affordable Insurance Policies in Malta

As an insurance agency in Malta, we offer low-cost insurance policies with comprehensive coverage and competitive terms.

Insurance Services for your Peace of Mind

Our insurance policies provide complete coverage and peace of mind. For all of your insurance needs in Malta, we offer tailored advice, comprehensive coverage, and prompt claims settlement.

Very good, helpful and efficient

Mark Calleja Urry

Very helpful staff. Very friendly. Great customer service. No issues, experienced. Great value for money

Boaz Jangan

Great service. I've been insuring with them for over 25 years and will not insure anywhere else cause they are great.

Paul Galea

Great customer care, simply the best.

Neville Lia

General Insurance FAQs

Insurance in Malta is a contract entered into between an individual or entity and an insurance company that provides financial protection against unforeseen events. The policyholder pays premiums to the insurance company, and in exchange for the insurer agreeing to pay claims if certain events occur.
Insurance agencies in Malta act as intermediaries between customers and insurance companies, assisting customers in finding the right insurance policies to meet their needs and budget. It is our mission to make a difference, add value to our clients, and establish yourself as a leading Insurance provider in Malta.
MelitaUnipol offers various types of insurance policies in Malta, including: motor insurance, electric vehicle insurance, boat insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, health insurance, business insurance, commercial and industrial insurance, cargo insurance, contractors all risks insurance and professional indemnity insurance.
Contact us today to request an insurance quote in Malta.
If you need to file a claim, visit the claims page directly and download a claim form or alternatively contact us for more information.
Choosing the right insurance policy in Malta is determined by your specific needs and circumstances. As an insurance agency, MelitaUnipol will assist you in navigating your options and selecting the best insurance policy for you. Do not hesitate to contact us today!

As a reputable insurance agency in Malta, we understand the importance of safeguarding your assets and livelihood. That is why MelitaUnipol Insurance Agency provides a comprehensive range of insurance policies in Malta to meet your unique needs, whether it’s for personal or business purposes. With over 50 years of experience in insurance in Malta, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide tailored advice and dependable services that give you peace of mind. Our insurance policies are designed to protect you against a variety of risks including property loss or damage, third-party liabilities, personal injury and more. 

At MelitaUnipol insurance agency, we believe that transparency and open communication are crucial in building a long-lasting relationship with our clients. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and timely claims settlement, ensuring that you receive the support and assistance you require when you need it the most. 

Whether you require car insurance in Malta, home insurance, business insurance, health insurance or any other types of insurance, MelitaUnipol Insurance Agency have got you covered. Our goal is to provide you with the security and assurance you need to enjoy life and achieve your goals with confidence. Contact us today to request an insurance quote and learn more about how we can assist you with all of your insurance needs in Malta.